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Just built a new transverse two-wheel cart, but made a key change. Instead of being upright with the boat loaded, the cart remains at an angle. Keeps the uprights clear of the yards and should make launch and retrievel easier as the cart always stays in the same orientation. Also widened the axle to get a wider wheel base - a good trick learned from Ray. I'll be sailing this week, so will find out how it works soon. A "third-leg" is required to hold the cart at an angle. It's simply and oak board with some alignment stops that is inserted between the cart frame and axle. More stable than it probably looks...
Very intreguing. I like the way the yards clear the cart. I have had some struggles with mine especially on a breezy day when I would try to launch and the wind wanted to keep the ship up against the cart. I always have to get in the water though--I have not found a sure way to launch and keep my feet dry. The ship is just too large for a near the edge launch. I am looking forward to a post showing this method working. Good on ya mate!
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