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Hey Guys, I will make this small post then go back and read the tons of stuff youve been posting.

Today was a Black Day in Bedrock for me. I lost the 500 and the 400 came apart in flight due to what I have determined to be a broken blade link snapping allowing that blade to go wild and take out the boom. The parts were flying all over the sky. The 500 was on the first pack an I had been up for no more than a minute and was doing a type of funnel I call it and then lost control I thought. No matter what I did I couldn't get her into control as she was coming done fast and she hit very hard tail first. Everything related to the TT is done 100%, gone, finetto, toast. The main gear is gone too. But back to the crash, I always walk the crash site and look at everything before I touch the heli. As you can see in the photo, the front of the heli (old cano damage) is untouched. I found one of my battery leads unplugged! ! ! ! ! I will admit that "that" EC3 was not as tight as the rest of my packs so it is possible that was the culprit and not dumb thumbs from me. I do remember hitting TH and hearing the motor stop "I thought" but who knows. This will be a very expensive crash $$$.00.

The 400, only the electrics are left and the servos, esc, and gyro. All blades, frame, head parts, boom, struts, main gears, are toast and totally gone. I do have everything on the shelf in inventory to replace it so I will. But I will only get into the 400 after the 500 is done and back in the air and that will be a deep reach into the wallet. I guess the only salavation here is that it was not a 700E that came down, should I get one in the near future I would have to take a home load to pay for parts.
Oh I almost forgot. I was buddy-boxing with a friend and noob and we lost his little Cub. Some CA and she will be fine but its the idea of three down RC's yesterday. It has been a over year since we had a black day like this.

My buddy was at the Maryland Fun Fly and got these videos. I thought you might enjoy.

MHA 450 Helicopter Challenge (2 min 29 sec)

MHA 450 Helicopter Challenge (1 min 21 sec)

MHA 450 Helicopter Challenge (0 min 22 sec)

MHA 450 Helicopter Challenge (0 min 40 sec)

MHA Fun Fly 450 Helicopter Challenge (0 min 27 sec)

MHA Fun Fly 450 Helicopter Challenge (0 min 20 sec)

MHA Fun Fly 450 Helicopter Challenge (1 min 4 sec)

Later JPEE
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