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Originally Posted by Grejen View Post
At first I was thinking your pretty brave to fly around so many tall trees and then I see the precision flying and sense of control exuded from the planes behaviour. Skills man.. skills! Did you even get over a house?

I'm betting your neighbours love watching the flying, not the planes.
I know I have said this before, but I have always been a better flier than a building. Last year we had some fun where we had a kid with 2 flags acting like he was guiding me in for a landing like on a carrier. We where all having a blast and each kid took turns, some knew that it was their skill at the flags that made me have such a good landing. In the 6 years of flying of the street I have only had one problem. At the 4th airshow about 5 years ago I would go up about 200' and do a flat spin, I would have all the kids count, if I made it to 10 I hit my goal, well I did not get enough altitude and on my 10th spin I knew I had really screwed up and let myself get way to low, so I parked my biplane in the tree across the street, just pulled the landing gear off, and with some hot glue was flying the next day. The reason for the next was I went up the tree and got the plane, but it was the next day that my son went back up the tree and found the landing gear. Needless to say, I go much higher now, and safety is always 110% first with me and flying. And if I do ever get over any houses, it is only 2, and they love my planes and kids.

I see many that can just fly a plane, but I notice many let the plane fly them, if you cannot keep heading on ground roll you need more practice. If you cannot land on a spot 20' in length, you need more practice. I am a big nerd and for a long time kept count of how many flights I have flown, I quit counting at about 2520, that might not sound like a lot for flying 30 years, but it is a bunch, if my math is right, about .23 times a day is what is averages out to. I just love to fly.

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