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Originally Posted by dag214 View Post
This forum is really funny.

Just had a guy e-mail some awesome accessories links for H2's, and what he did to his H2 to get better gas mileage. I may have to look at what he did to his. I had no idea there was so much stuff out there for H2's. As I think many of you know I only need a vehicle to pull a trailer, and to go back and forth to the airport. I only put about 5-8,000 miles a year on a vehicle. My Avalanche was needed so I could pull a trailer, I got about 19 on the highway, and about 14 in the city. Pulling a trailer about 14 highway, and 11 city. The Hummer pulling my trailer gets about 13 Highway and 12 city. So as you can see when pulling a trailer no big deal, and that is at 64mph with CC on.

I had no idea there were H2 forums, and guys here following both.

It is cool how many here really care about my well-being.

I only wish I could get that kind of milage pulling a trailer. Pulling a motorcycle trailer back from Arizona, I averaged around 6. Of course that's with my coach, which gets around 8-10 average the rest of the time. That's why I am building up my old '84 Ford with a 300 ci six cylinder in it. There is a local guy here that has dynoed his truck at more than 400 hp and still gets better than 20 on the highway.

I am sending you an email about the drawings as well. I just need to find a small inclosed trailer that I can pull behind my pickup in which to store it once built. I wish I could find one of the old used Uhaul trailers. Anybody have any suggestions?
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