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Originally Posted by johnm15141 View Post
Saw this on my LHS shelf and was tempted...

Next day saw one fly and was blown away! Wow!!!

Bought one today and started the build, got to step 10 page 6 and one of the countersink screws twisted off about halfway in. With very little force too. Crap.

Cheap screws?

Now, I can't get the broken half out and where am I going to find a small 2mmx8mm counter-sink screw (that is of a higher quality than the one provided) to replace it?

That's my build so far...

John sorry to see that screw break off. I deal with the oversea manufactures each day and you did nothing wrong. The holes for the horizontal stabilizer are quite a bit smaller than the screw. The Screws used are freaking the worse material. Soft poor excuse for hardware. I got my screws just about all the way in and the tops rounded off. Too much pressure=broken screws or rounding off a screw head. Your only choice is to use better counter sunk screws. Go to your LHS and go to the RC Car section and match up some similar screws. Good luck and keep on building!

Happy Flying,

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