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now that I've attempted to build one, better quality hardware?

Originally Posted by KRProton View Post

I wanted to let you all know that I am reading your posts and forwarding pertinent information up the line. I have also forwarded links to many of your posts directly to those concerned. Finally, I went back and re read all of the posts to compile a list of accounts of failures. Where possible, I also noted a possible reason for the failure from additional data that was provided by the person who posted. It was a tedious task, but to the best of my ability here is the list:

(1 model) Lost control/crash; (reason undetermined, pilot was using a 4S battery)
(3 models) Loose/detached firewalls; (one model had been previously crashed, no additional data was provided for the other two accounts)
(2 models) Folded wings; (first instance reports stock motor and recommended prop, but no additional or follow-information was provided, the second was using a slightly larger motor and battery).
(1 model) Mounting block for elevator servo mount came loose
(1 model) Wing mounting tab broke; (not certain of components used)
(0) Complaints/claims made to Great Planes Product Support

We read the accounts of defects/failures posted in this thread, but until the Company is contacted directly and all pertinent information has been gathered (including, likely the remains of the plane), it is difficult to determine for certain the cause of failure and any reinforcement/modification that may be necessary—not that your claims are not valid or real.

This isn’t to say all the failures are to be blamed on larger motors or batteries, but please also bear in mind the following. It is from page 6 in the instruction manual under “PRECAUTIONS”:

6. While this kit has been flight tested to exceed normal use, if the plane will be used for extremely high stress flying, such as racing, or if a motor larger than recommended is used, the modeler is responsible for taking steps to reinforce the high stress points and/or substituting hardware more suitable for the increased stress.

I do not want to appear as though we are dismissing the accounts posted in this thread. We are investigating the possibility of reinforcing the airframe if necessary, but until we hear about failures through the proper channels and have the opportunity to examine the remains we cannot draw conclusions about the precise cause of the failure. If you truly feel your model failed by no cause of your own, by all means please feel free to contact Product Support.


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