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My setup is;

Turnigy "Plush" 80 Amp ESC

Turnigy 4s 2650mah or 3000mah 40C Lipos (I am running 2650s, but will get 3000s when the time comes)

HiTech 85 Metal gear servos

ARC 28-47-2 (2170kv)

Aluminum motor mount

As far as stock parts go, I would just get the canopy cover sets and the fuse. You will need to make an "A" frame of Carbon Fiber rods to prevent flexing. The stock fuse has Fiberglass rods which you will want to remove and drop the CF in place. I use 6mm tubes. If you go to my blog, I actually have pictures of the Tube placement that is widely used on Stryker Forum (which is where I learned how to do it).

Balsa elevons with the hinging method of your choice are much better than the stock ones which tend to flutter at speed. The control rods should be at least 2-56 rods with good quality metal clevises, I use a fully threaded rod, cut to length, screw on 1 clevis, then run a lock-nut down to it, put the other lock-nut on, then attach the second clevis. Use a good quality control horn on the elevon side, I use a Dubro horn.

I use "Trailing Edge" balsa stock for mine, Cut/sanded to the correct length/angle, and make a tape hing (as tight as I can get it while allowing for full travel, the smaller the gap the better, taped on top and bottom) using Fiber Tape, and epoxied flat Carbon Fiber to the back of the wings prior to hooking up the elevons to give the hinge something solid to move on (vs just foam). I dont remember the exact size of the stock that I used, but in RC Country I just grabbed a pack of Stock elevons and took them over to the balsa and eyeballed a close match between the size of the elevon, and the size of the trailing edge of the Stryker's wing.

The motor will take a full size heat sink with minimal trimming of the heat sink, and I highly recommend using one. The motor I use stays very cool (with heat sink) running an APC 7x5 Sport prop, but I am upping it to a 7x7.

If you have good 3s Lipos already (60-80 amp discharge capability), you could keep all of these ingredients but use a higher kv motor like the ARC 28-47-1.5 (2800kv) and run 6" props instead of 7".

My setup pulls ~60 amps and makes ~900 watts on the 7x5.
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