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Originally Posted by alkoo View Post
Hey Jim,

Yeah, it does look good. I reckon that the N to NNE winds would work best from recollection (probably S as well), but have a look on google earth and sus out which wind direction hits the front slope face on.
The northern side face has a fairly good landing zone so I think you could fly crunchies there without too many problems.
If you want to start DSing, get a Windrider Bee or Bat (the Bat is better) and make it stiff with a decent spar system and go practice. The reason I suggest Windrider planes is that they take a lot of punishment and are very cheap. The Scorpion from Off The Edge Sailplanes is also a great buy, and better suited to DS than the Bee. Just my opinion.
The NE facing bowl shaped cliff face would definately produce good lift in the summer prevailing winds. I expect it would work well in light conditions. I could probably fly (and land) my planes with butterfly braking there safely. I can imagine reverse park landing my Endorphin Rush on the grass there. However, the LZ is not big enough to land something like my Speedo unless I ditched it in the Banksia's.
As for the Windrider planes and others, I have a philisophical problem with "secret" airfoils. They amount to a developmental dead end, and remind me of the so called "Patent Wars" of last century.
I have just been given a Zagi. Are they suitable for DS?

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