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Originally Posted by randychid View Post
How about talking about this guys mother too Hoax? Maybe his (Dags words not mine) "retarded" kid? Come on Dag. This is like Al Capone's vault and your Geraldo.
Whatever your beef is with Dag, perhaps the fact he's doing something big or getting praise or whatever, let it go, no one here is going to be persuaded by your rambling arguments. I've looked at enough of your posts to see you have left a smoking trail of arguments and rants to anyone that gets in your way from users to moderators, if you're that angry in life just log off and go find something that you enjoy, we don't have time to play this game. This place is about enjoying the hobby and all that goes with it, there is no reason for you to come in guns blazing, many of us are very friendly people until pushed too far, let's keep things on the friendly side and all enjoy...

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