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Originally Posted by j32driver View Post
Hey Dag,

As always, I'm amazed by what a motivated individual can accomplish. I still follow all your threads in absolute amazement at your talent.

That being said, please take the rest of my post with a VERY light hearted approach.

I saw this post from you:

And couldn't help but smile. YEARS ago, I LOVED for a new Flight Instructor Applicant to show up in my oral room and drop that little gem. The conversation goes something like this: So.... let me get this straight. The yoke controls airspeed and the throttle controls altitude? Just pull back on the yoke if I want to slow down?

You and I both know that pitch and power are absolutely linked. You can't change one without changing the other. And yes... there are 2 ways of explaining this concept, the Navy way and the Airline way. But on occasion I would have a student try to defend the simplicity of your statement to the death. It usually took about 30 minutes before the applicant was a quivering pile of goo infront of the chalkboard trying to defend his idea. I just always got a kick out watching someone fall on their sword trying to defend an idea they didn't understand. Maybe I'm just sick and twisted and enjoyed the suffering of others.

Anyhoo.... just a funny memory for me and wanted you to know you made me smile. Ok, back to lurking.
Another thing that get people is.... the only thing a wing knows is airspeed..... wrong, angle of attack.

I took a friend up once in a Piper Cherokee 140 with the hershey bar wing. We were at about 4500' and he had told me that pitch is what you use to gain altitude, and he does it all the time with his RC planes. I said that his RC plane was so over powered it was hard for him to see what was really going on. So I told him to climb to 5500' and try to do it at about 200-300fpm. Well at about 5000' we were down to 55mph from 90, the stall horn goes off, and we stalled, and it was a stall that even took me a bit of guard as when the wing dropped we ended up on our sides at 90 degrees, not sure if anyone knows, but the hershey bar wing was a really bad wing once you stalled it.

I then took him through a few accelerated stalls, he could not believe you could stall a wing at 110 mph. The 140 was a pig, and stalled without a bunch of warning, but it showed him a wing can stall at any speed, it is all angle of attach.

Rock On

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