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Originally Posted by junglegym View Post
I recently had a wake up call ,big time ,re Lipo hazards ,sure I knew they could be a hazard and that care was needed not to leave charging stations un attended when charging these batteries but after 3 years of charging, dis charging pulling apart and modifying packs, I had convinced myself that all the hazards must have been during the early days when Lithium Polymer technology was new and the new age packs were safer.


I had just charged a 2200 25c 3s pack , put the pack into the plane for transport to the flying field .
Had the plane at the front door ready to be loaded when I heard a loud crack !
Inspection revealed the pack swelling and sizzling away inside the plane , it had swollen to a point where it had cracked and jammed in the fuselage and could not be removed, racing the plane outside within about 3 seconds it was a raging fireball needing the garden hose to put it out .
No cause can be identified to why this happened , the charging rate was checked , the charger was and still is working 100%, the pack had never been in a crash.The pack had been stored at 50% for several months prior to this occurring .
Needless to say My respect for the hazards of handling these batteries was instantly restored I now have a strict routine and a bunker full of ammo boxes well away from the house to store them . I now never put a pack in a plane unless it's about to be flown, lost the lot in this fire ,plane and running gear.
It could have been so much worse though .
Look on the bright side dude,you now only have to replace a plane and a lipo,you might have had to replace your house ,i have said this before but i think all threads in this forum should have a link to this discusion on the first page to give people a chance to read up on this stuff before they have to find out the hard way as i did,i lost 2 planes ,camera,mp4 player,wrecked the wooden floor,1 off tv cabinate ,tx,charger,and i was stood 15 feet away and i got the stuff out of the house in about 20 seconds,19 seconds toooo slow lol
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