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Jack is a master builder. I am sure that with Jack, all things are possible. I truly believe that when Jack decides to do it, it will be done.
i am now truly smitten with an IMAC Flutter-By in Purple, so it can be called, either Flutter-By "Overcast" or Purple "Overcast" Flutter-By with the operative word, Overcast like HL used to describe the 12 foot Telemaster.
Your design or idea sounds just great. The joy of owning something unique is in and of itself a honor. To have someone build something for you first, is humbling.
Now and then scripture comes to mind, all things come to he who waits, or something like that. Jack will do it in time, the engineering takes time and patience, both of which are Jack's strong suit. Like the show once said, "Gentlemen we have the technology to re-build him", well Jack has the technology to build it.
It probably would be worth an email now and then to remind him and an occasional phone call to say, thank you for your effort. We probably would have to send some money to help defray the cost of materials also, always a nice gesture.
Orrin Eldred
I can see it now, in my mind's eye, awesome idea. Flitty-Hawk, NC, Big Purple also sounds great.
you know, now and then there are fools like us who are Flutter-By believers and nothing stops us from singing their praises.
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