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I've been away working on the plane and not taking as many photos as I should have. Covering is just about complete. I wanted to show a little trick I use, which is especially important on the Shrike.

We all know you can't glue to covering and expect your model to stay together, and we always do most of our covering before assembling components. So how do you make nice edges and remove the covering where it normally gets so that you can make a strong glue joint?

On the Shrike, this would be the wing roots to the fuselage and the vertical fins to the sides of the stab.

Here's my trick. I make a template the size of what I want to glue using masking tape. It is about 1/16" to 1/8" smaller than the surface (larger surface area is better). In these photos you can see (if you look closely, it's hard to see) where I put masking tape on the side of the stab before covering. I then covered the stab normally, and then cut the film away using the masking tape as a guide for the tip of the knife blade.

In the second photo, I have removed the masking tape and covering that went over it. You can see a nice glue surface left behind. You can also see the 1/8" dowels that peg the stab together.

My goal is to have the Shrike ready for a Memorial Day maiden flight.

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