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Good info Frank... I couldn't agree more. I still do like the PETG for more than the obvious production reasons.

The Micro-V canopy I make for the V-E is made from clear .030" thick PETG. We find it forms best at 304 to 312 degrees. At least for the detail lines and flange on our canopy. Shhh, don't tell anyone but I'm playing with some white ABS and some white Kydex too. This way those who don't want to paint can buy a white one and just assemble it with self bought decals. Just as long as it's not the styrene the LMH helis canopies are made from. That stuff is way too brittle!!!


BUT back to the topic, I like the painted one you have wannabe! Nice! I may just have to get me one of those for my HB.

I'd of made that body out of .030" too. I tried .020" and although it was a little lighter, not much, it was definately not as able to hold a shape over a distance. Meaning the body would have dips and waves as you pulled it on the body mounts.

SO is Century selling this body seperate??? Airwolf too???

Thanks for sharing!

Best regards,

Ron Osinski
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