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FWIW, I flew out 4900 feet today FPV, on 2 passes, during the same flight. (didnt want to push my luck).
This is on standard Spektrum gear, I'm using the DX6i Transmitter...

Amazingly I came back just in time, as the flight battery was down to 4% capacity, as it landed!!
(OSD WAS displaying Battery meter on the display, but it wasn't decreasing the capacity as it should)!?

Also find it easier landing by FPV, rather than risking removing myself from my cover/laptop display, then attempting to spot the plane by LOS, as its coming in!

Am evaluating a couple of the Spektrum mods discussed here. Will just fly 5000ft (ish) for now, just to ensure range consistency + make minor changes to clean up my video reception.

Trappy: Your feedback is welcome - as it always is. I'm not telling anyone to stop (or reduce) posting, was just saying, Spektrum is an R/C solution being used by individuals for their own reasons. There's no right and no wrong gear to use or not use, we all do our own thing for a reason.
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