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jetstreaming: sorry, but there is simply no reason to use Spektrum gear, that's what I've been saying. Please read what I write, then I can keep my contributions to a minimum. The old gear (72 / 35) will work better, be cheaper (in the short and especially in the long run) and it will give you longer range on 100mW than your 500mW booster ever will. There really is no good reason to run spektrum gear, other than you've already bitten the bullet and own a system like that. You can then think about what's cheaper: buying and adding a RTH system to your plane as well as adding a booster and still ending up with something that won't go more than 1.5 miles RELIABLY, or trading in your spektrum gear with other visual pilots "upgrading" from 72. End result is same range, added reliability, cheaper equipment and, most importantly, not additionally polluting the 2.4GHz band that your fellow pilots will love you so deerly for.

Yes, this thread is informative. But regardless of what you do to your Spektrum gear, you will end up with a very dangerous way of controlling your plane and a lot of money spent. I'm not even mentioning UHF systems as they are an add-on also to Spektrum TXs, and they will outperform everything else. My concerns are purely 72/35 vs. 2.4GHz.
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