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LUX carb

Originally Posted by stg61abc View Post
Hi Moon
Do you have a picture from your Lux 46?
I dont know this brand of engines
Check the low speed neddle adjustment on your carb (for 2 needles carbs)
If the transition from idle to top speed is smokier (rich) close the needle in half a turn increments until reach a good transition, in the contrary case (if the engine is lean) close the needle in small steps until reach a good transition too.
If the carb of the Lux 46 is of air bleed type, the adjustments are reversed in relation to the TN carbs (2 needles), closing the air bleed screw its richen the mixture and closing it the mixture got leaner
The running adjustments on the glow engines are very similar

Thanks for the info Carlo, I had an experienced pilot from our club try to tune this thing and he couldn't put his finger on the problem, but feels it is the carb. He saw a lot of similarities with the OS .46 motor and suggested I take it apart, clean and look for obvious problems like damaged "o" rings and such.
I found another club member who gave me an OS .46 SF carb and all parts are identical except the diameter where it fits into the crankcase (OS is .532"& Lux .512") and the method of securing it. OS uses two screws and LUX uses a pinching type lock that is tightened with a nut on the port side. I found the fit between the rotating barrel and carb to be looser on the LUX and the diagonal slot in the barrel was poorly machined and wider than OS's
This motor has tons of power and idles great so I guess I'll either modify the OS carb or try to find another that fits the crankcase.
I'll try to post a picture, but have some health issues to deal with first.
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