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Originally Posted by rocketmagnet View Post

Thanks for this, it is very interesting and I'll carefully study your report and learn all I can from it.

In another thread, we were discussing what an airfoil might look like if it was designed to produce maximum Cl at an Re of 35000, and if you really didn't care about Cd at all.

Would it be easy to to run an optimisation and see what it comes out with? The best we've seen so far is a Cl of 1.8 (or course the drag was terrible, but it's not important for this question).

Many thanks

Yes, that would be possible. It wouldn't be guaranteed to get better results than what you already have because of the limitations of the parameters and the constraints I place on them. I will probably at least relax the constraint on max camber, though.

Another difficulty is that max Cl occurs right before stall, which is not always at the same angle of attack. It should be possible to do it, though, with a little bit of tweaking.

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