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I understand what the extreme tape is for (not being a wise ), just didn't know if specific tensile strength comparisons had been made between the products. I can't imagine they haven't. As you know 10mil is tough stuff but I haven't covered something with it merely to tear it apart as a test. Maybe I should do that. The only reason I ask is because I have so much 10mil and no extreme tape, plus if the lam was similar in strength it would provide a cleaner finish. I was thinking of using the 10mil just where the packing tape would normally be and on the LE, then cover the whole plane with 3mil like normal. I was intending to spray this wing so the look of the strapping tape will cramp my style. If 10mil is highly discouraged as a substitute for extreme tape I may do one of two things: 1. Tape as instructed, scuff the tape with sandpaper, prime, paint, laminate or 2. Consider an iron on color scheme (which I really don't want to do)

I just thought of a fun, non-scientific test.

Take two 1x1' sheets of cardboard, cover one with 10 mil laminate and the other with extreme tape (both sides of the cardboard). Clamp them each in a vise (separately) and see which one is harder to tear out of the vice jaws.
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