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Awe, you guys are way too kind, but I appreciate it. Woot!! I never expected to see 400mph. EVER. Yes I have been on the hill a lot in the past and have posted some respectfully fast speeds- sometimes even on my own planes.. Which is partly what I was referring to in my opener. The other part is about the other designer/builder/fliers besides Spencer that have toiled many sleepless nights to make their totally awesome planes break the 400mph milestone. It's still all about timing and opportunity, but nobody deserves it more than them. I'm thinking specifically of Joe Manor and Jason Lilly who have picked up where other pioneers like Brian M. left off; both giving so very much knowledge, innovation and inspiration to the DS community. They have been there, shoulder-to shoulder right along with Spencer, John, and all other hopefuls, cheering each pilot on for many of the WR days and at least Joe has gotten a few of those records (Jason always within striking distance)
Also, It's like 'Mother Nature' is relenting a bit with each new milestone; giving in to the onslaught of determined pilots, inch-by mortal inch, exacting her toll in carnage that, it seems, will not be defrayed. Not many years ago, 300 was still totally elusive to all but the very few. Now it happens on a fairly regular basis and on planes that couldn't seem to accomplish it before. 400 mph is the new 300, and John has set the bar agonizingly high in one shot.(good for you )
And Chris, you and Bruce were there to show us all how to fly an 80 inch between cacti at 380 mph. It was you 2 that I was referring to that would have gone much faster than I. I am so blessed to have the encouragement of good friends to meet with and be involved in such a bonding type sport where everyone is genuinely happy for another's success, even when it means his own time to try harder has been handed to him earlier than he expected. The 'happy hill' factor, as new ground is broken (in some form other than trenching with a wingtip or nose ) is a bit of a phenomenon where even personal differences get set aside for the better good of the moment on the hill, in the wind, and, be it sunny or cloudy (please let it be cloud) that we view each other as 'friend' and dream of Dynamic Soaring.

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ps. the date that flyboijimi is referring to sticks out in my mind. Why, I don't know. It just seemed significant, but since I don't keep a record of what happened and when, I may never know what event, if any took place on that date. Any reminders would be welcome.
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