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Originally Posted by Steve_A_Reno View Post
Did not have much success with my launches today. I did a few light throws to try to trim and I think my CG is off. No matter how I tossed the plane would nose up into a stall and then drop straight down. Even with level overhead tosses. I kept playing with the trims but got no better. Do I need more nose weight? I'm balanced right on the dimples. This is my first glider so any pointer would be very appreciated.

If you are balanced on the dimples, your CG is right where it needs to be. I would give it down trim until a firm level toss gives you a level flight or just a slight climb, then give it a click or two of up. An ideal throw will go up at about a 70 degree angle and you will have to level it out at the top before it stalls. I can give mine a screaming hard launch without it looping.

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