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Ouch. New to gliding.

Originally Posted by Steve_A_Reno View Post
Finnished my build today as well. AUW with the stock battery, Berg 4 reciever and 2 hxt500 servos was 5.90 oz. I needed to add 5 pennies as nose weight to balance. CG is right on the dimples. A quick test toss had a long straight level glide. I set up evelon mixing in my Optic6 with 60% airlerons / 30% elevator. Will double check my control end points tomorrow.
Straight level (slow) glide is good. When you throw harder (as in your next post), it will want to climb - which will lead to a stall and then a dive into the ground. As it climbs, you must quickly correct with down elevator to avoid or lessen that stall. If you throw hard, it will need more control (down) to avoid the stall (or loop). Once you transition to slow speed (at the top of your launch) you fly slow like your test glides.

I throw these things all the time. I handed my Alula to a power buddy who thought it looked cool. He threw it and had NO idea how to add down elevator to avoid the stall. I thought it was easy. It's tricky to learn, but well worth it.

Flying on a slope you don't need the hard toss, but in a big lift situation you need a lot of down trim to increase the speed.
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