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Originally Posted by Frank S View Post
I've seen you fly, Marlan. You're not unworthy.
Now, Franks 311, that's something we should really talk about...

Marlan you flew that plane respectively and carefully to over 400mph. I know that Bruce and I were putting everything we had to get our D40’s to get to 380mph. We both missed the ground by on a few feet more than once. I’ll edit your video next. It’s interesting to watch your standing there, hauling ass and you ask, “Is anyone getting this”? Billy yells 388, we both love it I just as much as you. Then I tell you, “Dude your going over 400 any second now” and you say “I just want to keep the plane together”.

I also note on the speed lists when planes are borrowed, built and/or designed by the pilot just for the reason your discussing here. It’s more information and good to know.

Fast Planes: The Kinetic is going to change a lot about speeds on the hill as more people fly it. It truly is so fast!!! Anyone who’s flown this plane over 300 known’s what I’m talking about. The D80 changed the 80” speeds and we all wonder what the D120 is going to do. As of right now I expect a whole bunch of changes on the lists because of these new planes were flying.

I also might add I’m probably just as happy to get my 380mph with an 80” inch plane so don’t worry about it and enjoy the moment of a day we’ll talk about for a long time.
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