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The wing bottoms were sheeted, then the excess sheeting on the LE, root, and tip was removed.

Aside from the messy workbench, in this photo you can see the DB pushrods in the wing. These will not be glued in until after covering and final assembly. The cowl is held on by socket head screws that are countersunk into the cowl. They screw into a tapped hardwood block, with a 1/32" ply backing epoxied into the cowl. The cowl is also hollowed out to about 3/16" thick.

The fins were built in the same manner as the stab from 1/4" thick hard balsa. I used toothpicks to pin the corners together (pre-drilled, of course).

If you look at the TE of the wing you will notice that it's much taller than the sheeting there. This will be sanded off eventually. First I need to cut the ailerons to shape and tack-glue them to the TE in the correct place. Then some aggressive sanding will make a smooth transition for the wing there. That will help keep the drag down while preventing flutter and erratic flying.

AndyKunz is online now Find More Posts by AndyKunz
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