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Shrike Build

Two years ago I had put together a Shrike 400 kit, powering it with a Mega 16/15/4 and 3S. It was FANTASTIC - even the jet jocks in the club liked it. Our club has a paved runway, and I've been battling shoulder problems for several years, so I gave the plane to a friend rather than punching a hole in the ground with it.

Our club had to postpone our Builders Contest for two weeks due to wind. GREAT! I suddenly had an excuse to build something I've been wanting to since I gave the Shrike 400 away.

I took the plans for the smaller one out, traced the outline into TurboCAD, and re-scaled it to 35" span. I then set about reducing profile drag on the fuselage, and changed the airfoil to a NACA 0015 for stability without too much drag. I also added retracts and a new internal structure and changed the construction techniques in several places.

First, the fuselage was built. The round holes are where Dave Brown pushrods will go through it (the wing is built using them as a wing jig like we did in the 70's). The square hole is where the LE of the stab goes through. The motor mount was set up for an E-Flite Power 25 Heli, but I'm cutting it back to a Power 10 on 4S to save weight and not give up much speed.

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