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Originally Posted by hklagges View Post
Hello there,

the rumour mill from the Shanghai model show reports: Lanxiang is preparing a new, big, grey Mig-29 with 2x70mm fans and an overall length of 1514mm. It is about as big as their Su-47. Guessing from the picture given on the homepage of Ready2Fly (, then the novelties & features seem to include:
  • Ailerons and separate flaps (nice)
  • Leading edge slats (that's new!)
  • Fully functional tail rudders in addition to 360 TV
  • An ejectable Pete ahem Pilot (SCNR Pete)
  • Bomb drop and coloured smoke facility

When this plane will actually ship is a big unknown. Lanxiang themselves wrote only "F16, F18 and Mig29 will come soon" at one of their sites (

Does anybody else have any infos, particularly pictures?

on is me,Joyce.I am from Lanxiang.mig29 and A10 will come out in about 20 days.
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