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Originally Posted by garymcc View Post
ajbaker, can you briefly compare the Clouds Fly and SkyS with respect to:
1. Acro ability.
2. Wind handling ability.
3. Airframe quality.
4. Brushless motor quality.

My Clouds Fly has between 80 and 100 flights and has aquired a noticeable "patina". I am considering CF #2 or maybe the SkyS ARF with brushless option. I assume the $10 brushless SS option is worthwhile.
To be brief, here is my experiences with both of those planes. Remember, all of this is IMO. Each persons experience could different.
1. Aerobatic ability is about a toss up. CF rolls nicer. SkyS is better at inside and outside loops. 4-point rolls are the same on both.
2. The SkyS handles the wind much better.
3. Airframe quality is superior on the CF-It is more crash resistant.
4. Motor-personal opinion-the SkyS is slightly better (magnets don't come loose). Also, the SkyS has more power.
The $10 for the brushless is money well spent IMO.
I am hoping that someone else with a CF will jump in here and share their experience. AFAIC, there are as many "right" answers to the above as there are people flying them.
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