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Well today I had the oportunity to maiden my SkyS. The wind was about a steady 12mph in the morning, but my SkyS handled it without a problem. on the first flight, it felt just a bit tail heavy, so I decided to bring it in to move the battery, I cut the throttle but she didn't want to come down!!! I had to circle the field 3 times before It was low enough to land!!! my initial reactions about the sky surfer is this thing can float!!! I don't really care for the stock prop as I had to use better than 1/2 throttle and usually 3/4 throttle to really fly it around. I initialy programed in low rates, but found it didn't respond all that quick so I switched over to high rates and was imeadiately comfortable. I moved the battery forward a bit and launched it agian. this time it felt alot better. The SkyS was flying great, so this gave me a chance to dial in the gyros, I have them close, but not perfect yet. it seams that as I increase the gain, it changes the servo center point, so I kept going back and forth between adding gain, and then retrimming. The roll gyro dialed in easily but the pitch gyro didn't want to cooperate, as I added gain, it would move the elevator up and I would retrim the elevator down, but ran out of trim before I found the limit of gyro gain, so this will require another day at the field to get it dialed in. it was pretty close so the last flight I just flew the SkyS and ran a full pack. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about this plane!! It flys great and it handles very well. My universal motor mount mod worked extremely well!! The SkyS feels very light in the air. did I say this thing can float?? Get it up high, cut the throttle and just sit back and enjoy the sight of it as it surfs (literallly) across the sky . I can't wait for a warm summer day, I bet this plane will respond to even slight thermals. I couldn't be any happier with this plane
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