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MF 480 and Speed 480 question

I just got my first fan in the mail and need to know something.

I've tried to put the speed 480 BB Race (GR#6327) into the housing. The supplier says it should slip in and out. I've removed the sticker and cleaned off any residue. I can get the motor in about halfway to where it should be by really hard pressure. To go any farther I would need a press or rubber mallet. To get the motor backout from halfway in, I needed to use large slip-joint pliers to wiggle and pull the motor free. I have two of the motors, both brand new and they are the same. I even took a file and dressed the slight ridge in the case at the front end. No better.

This does not seem like a normal thing to have to do. If I did press the motor in all the way, there is no way that I can see I would ever get the motor out again.

All I need to know is what your experience with this settup is to see if mine is normal, or if it gets returned. Thanks in advance, Tex.
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