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Originally Posted by fooyukvoon View Post
In the manual, the CoG was recommended at 7cm from LE, at that setting, the plane appeared tail heavy when the throttle is below 60% and drops/sink rate is quite fast but flat. It does not glide very well off throttle.

Does this indicate a CoG that is too far aft?

Have tried moving the CoG as far as 1.5cm forward. At this setting, the plane glides and it appears to fly just like a normal plane should. Would this be a good setting for 3D? Being a balsa/ply plane, I am being very careful as it is not as crash resistant as an EPP plane


some planes do this with a neutral cofg, and some 3d planes aren't easy to land for this reason. will have to do the roll inverted test to find out... trim for level flight at half throttle, and then roll inverted and see what happens.
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