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err, close. 3d aerobatics are aerobatics and maneuvering post-stall. Because there's no lift (the plane is stalled), you typically need a boat load of power to compensate. The post above is right in that regard. Not unusual to have 2:1 thrust to weight, won't have much fun unless you get at least 1.5:1 or more.

The other key aspect of crontrolling beyond the stall is very large control surfaces and control throws... the air isn't moving much, so you need more control. extra throws and surfaces also means you can push the plane into 3d maneuvers which requires pushing through stalls, etc.

"getting the cofg far enough back to hover" isn't really correct... hovering is a skill that takes practice, and if you know the input you can hover a nose heavy plane if it's designed well. If you set up the plane to be tail too heavy you simply create a mess of a plane to fly in other maneuvers and you're simply making life hard for yourself. "neutral" is about as far back as you ever want the CofG (neutral is rolling inverted and needing no down elevator to maintain height).
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