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Hi Tim
THough its a while since I got oily playing with toy airplanes, I remember the 'short nose syndrome' all too well. My Focker DVIII parasol and Ford Flivver were probably my personal pinnacles here, but they had excuses

Idle thoughts? A bigger NiMh battery as far up front as you can get it. The larger capacity can't hurt and its useful weight, not just lead. My Flivver had the battery under the engine, but the designer knew enough to build that in from the off

Spinner weights? Yuck, no way. Nothing to stop you looking around for a heavier spinner, but adding weight is sure enough to make any imbalance deadly.

How's about sawing off/removing whatever passes for a cowling, duplicating the firewall in two layers of 1/4" ply and epoxying them to the original firewall, fuel-proof, then replace engine mount and cowling?

Someone should slap the designer around the head until he/she promises to learn how to do it better.

If I suggested sawing the nose off and replacing it with one two inches longer, I'd probably be accused of trolling by suggesting that ready-mades are less than perfect In the meantime, thanks for all the posts - every so often, I have an urge to splurge and this sort of thread brings me back to reality

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