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This is Quax's "18A type 2 ESC" as described in the attached PDF and as such is identical to the Turnigy Plush xxA ESCs. Attached ZIP files contain my latest versions of the firmware for either high speed PPM (TGYPxxA2007v0100PpmNoCal) or I2C/TWI (TGYPxxA2007v0100TwiNoCal) control. They are derived from Quax's original files and but with the use of the calibration byte removed (this caused quite a lot of problems if it was not correctly set, while not using it causes no or very limited problems), dropping the startup throttle value a bit (Aggressiva en Javiette's mods), and introducing a naming convention which hopefully will better identify the version(s) of ESC(s) for they are intended and the firmware version. The ZIP files contain the source code and precompiled version for either PPM or for motor 1 to motor 8 TWI/I2C (...M1.hex to ...M8.hex) control.

Not that the PPM version is for unchanged ports (so not the full modification !!). If you want to use PPM on the fully modified ESCs (converting back to PPM after full TWI conversion) you will have to modify the source code slightly as per Quax's mail to me:
The PPM version is built for the unchanged ESC. If you have made the
conversion, than you only need to change the lines, that define the
ports for mux_a and mux_b:
.equ    mux_a        = 6    ; ADC5 phase input
.equ    mux_b        = 7    ; ADC4 phase input
In most cases with these ESCs already have the correct fuse bits set so you will only have to flash the hex file and won't have to reset the fuse bits. I always try and avoid unnecessary messing with the fuse bits.

Looking at your image, is the trace near the resistor network and nearest to the side of the ESC still intact or was it accidentally cut when intending to cut the 2nd trace there ?
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