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Taking WOC's recommendations, we now wrap it up by dialing in that 10x7 prop to a 1.00, which will give us our final specs.

We follow the procedure outlined earlier to:

1) Set the desired top speed to what WOC shows,

2) Noticing that we want to lower the gear ratio from 1.05 to 1.00 we will now start raising the "Desired current" a little at a time.

And here is our final product.

A top speed for our AT-6 Texan of about 54 mph, and an impressive 36 ounces of thrust. This is a plane that will be very capable of some high speed aerobatics. Our motor will be using about 20 amps at wide open throttle.

As always.... All components must be checked with a Watt Meter to ensure our motor, ESC, and battery are operating within their limits.
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