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Originally Posted by NoFlyZone View Post
Without going into all kinds of scientific hocus pocus about why we even put things like down/right thrust into planes (after all this is a tutorial about motor and prop selection), we can safely say that the only reason we use it is to get rid of behavior from our plane that we don't like or want. So, the bottom line is that if our plane is not exhibiting these tendencies to begin with, then we don't need the corrective down/right thust angles, period.

And the only way to tell if it needs it, is to fly it. If it needs it, start experimenting with the thrust angles to take out the aberant behavior. There is absolutely no formula that tells us how much down/right we need.

thanks for the answer..... I am happy with the simple answer, I am not ready for the long and drawn out explanation just yet...... keep up the good work!
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