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I'm a new pilot, only been at it about 3 months, but gliding, and I'm 43.

Our local slope is actually a cliff, but there's a valley next to it that I fly sometimes. The long time fliers all warn not to go there, but it's more challenging flying, and great for working on your reflexes.

I was flying there yesterday in a northerly (we need some west to fly properly off the cliff), and noticed that we had some boundary layer turbulence about 10-12 meters off the ground, coming from wind shearing off the ridge on the side of the valley. I'm thinking that ridges are possibly easier to DS in, because they provide a longer and more predictable route to fly along while building speed in whichever layer you are accelerating in.

My last DIY plane is much faster than anything else I've built to date, not sure if I can get it doing anything halfway respectable though, it's only got corflute ailerons. got to start somewhere though !
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