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Balance Taps can be dangerous...

Good day everyone. I'm not sure if this subject has been posted but I wanted to share a issue I discovered recently.

A friend brought a pack out in a bowl that had two of four cells blown up!.
He had charged the pack using a quality charger on balance mode and all was well. When he went to install the pack in his Park Zone aircraft he had to push quite vigirously on the end to slide it into the cavity.

that's when all hell broke loose! The pack started to smoke and within seconds burst into flame, he grab it by the main leads and got it out of the house pronto. Fortunetly no other poperty caught fire.

After examining the pack I realized what had happen, when he was pushing the pack in to the cavity he was applying pressure right on to the balance tap connections, which in this case were poorley solderd and crossed against one another.

This seems to also explain why only two cells went off.

Adding to this I just I just had a balance lead break off of a HK pack and so I cut the top open to repair it. Once again the way these wires are placed leaves a lot of chance for a short to occur. Intead of repairing just the one lead I moved two of them so that pushing and pulling etc would not allow for the possibilty of a short happening.

Keep an eye on those leads.

MIke R
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