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For Sale
12 Tenergy and 4 Parkzone 110mah 3.7v 1S 8C Lipo's For Ultra-Micro's


I have twelve used Tenergy 130mah 3.7v 8C lipo batteries and four 110mah Parkzone 3.7v 8C lipos. The reality, however, is that the Tenergy batteries are mislabeled and the capacitance is really around 110mah.

These batteries are great for most Ultra-Micro's out there except for the P-51 and Micro 4-Site because they draw too much current. Anything that draws less than .9 amps continuously (8C x .11amp hour capacitance = .88amps maximum draw) is great for these batteries. The original Sukhoi flies great with these batteries! That is what I have used them for up until this point. Now that I've stopped flying my Sukhoi I have all of these cells that won't work in my Lhotse 3D unless I run them in parallel. Yes, they will work for the 4-Site and the P-51 if you run two in parallel.

If you want to buy all sixteen of them, each cell will go for $3, no charge for shipping. This can't be beat, Horizon Hobby is selling the same cells for $10.99 a piece! (

However, if you'd like to purchase less than sixteen but more than eight you will pay $4.50 a piece. If you want less than eight they will be $5 a piece. Both of these scenarios will charge for shipping.

These cells are in great condition and provide the same power and flight times they offered right from the box. I take really good care not to charge my batteries too fast so they are very healthy and well exercised. Yes, batteries can be well exercised —you know what I mean.

If you're interested, post here and send me a private message. I'll take Paypal ONLY.

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