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twist-lock firewall?

Im tossing around ideas for my F3F design, and I can't find a suitable place to access the battery and equipment... The servos can be reached through the bottom wing hole, but shoving a battery through there may be tough.

My idea is to make a firewall tha thas tabs cut into it, that will insert, and twist to lock it in place. Of course the direction of twist will be in favor of motor torque (so the motor doesn't torque the firewall out!).

Behind the 'removable' firewall would be a tray with the battery on it, with the speed control there as well.

This will make it really easy to remove the motor mount, and access the battery... a servo extension may be needed for the speed control, but that also allows it to be mounted away from the Rx.

I know I'd trust it, would anyone else? Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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