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Originally Posted by Scorpia View Post
I have been watching this thread with some interest for a while now.

A service i have heard good things about is this one.

The wiki for info is here.

Nice place to get a small run for testing and then i think they are able to make a bigger run as well. either they can sell though there site or send to the orderer,

Also they do discounts for open source designs, i think this should qualify.

Keep up the good work , this looks like it is a great project that is getting better.

If you are going to design a board i would suggest adding small via's for any unused i/o left on the micro as then it could be used later for future idea's.

a couple of idea's i had for using some of the extra i/o left on the chip are.

1. possibly include a low voltage cutout onboard. with some sort of output to a buzzer/led etc.


2. use the extra inputs to add an acceleromitor etc.

Either way great work keep it up, Hopefully in a month or so i will be making my own. If boards get produced i will be looking to buy some of them
Seedstudio looks like a way to go. Im in

I use these for low voltage warning:

There will be no more features added to this design. I does as intended, fly a quad/tri. (hexa, Y6 and that avatar thingy to be added) Maybe later with a new design with a more powerfull microcontroller chip.
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