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Originally Posted by alll View Post

This is the best I can get with the paper transfer method.

I will prepare my etching shaker tomorrow.

Looks like u are pressing to hard or heat is too high - my iron gets very hot on high, so I dont crank it all the way up. If U are using the magazine paper, you dont have to press that hard.

You can also try and print with less toner - as too much will have a tendency to smear.... Wipe the toner off with acetone or paint thinner and give it another go.

Remember also to prepare the board properly - sand down the high edges from cutting board and also sand copper surface with very fine grit wetsanding paper (500-1000 grit). Some also pre-etch the raw board (dip it briefly in the etchant) to make the toner stick better to the copper. Clean again with acetone or paint thinner right before transfering...
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