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All of the things you used to set up in the Tx you now adjust through the PC software, except expo.

I am running expo on aileron and elevator.

Isn't Art's customer service awesome?


Originally Posted by Chomper_Boom View Post
Hi Rickn816, I'm finally getting my 720 dialed in... This is my 1st FBL setup - I'm used to running a small amount of Dual-Rates and Expo in the TX with my flybarred helis (mostly sport flying) and was wonding if I can do the same through the TX with the 720, or if I should only be adjusting the 720 settings?

Do the control rates settings (under the Cyclic tabs) in the software work similar to D/R on the TX or is there a different way to do this?

Note that I didn't want to reduce the pitch throws thru the 720 software (swash servo travel) because I would expect that that would take away from the units ability to correct for wind, etc; or is it okay to reduce these some?

-Tks Scott

Art just got back to me on a similar question and he suggested using the Control Rates to adjust sensitivity - I take that to be my D/R answer. Expo he did note was still performed in the TX, except for the tail which is in the software under the Tail tab. If you still have anything to add / suggestions for a newbie it's still appreciated.
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