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******* EDIT: Use the newest verson here:

Here is a SMD board layout.

It have all the components on the top side. It also reuses some components from the HK401B gyro.

It has a standard 3x2 ISP programming header.

I have changed the value of C7 and C9 to 47uF so it is possible to use the caps from the powerboard of the HK401B. C1, C2, C3 and C4 can also be 47uF.

The LED and potmeters is from the HK401B.

Also, if you have the older silver topped HK401B, you kan use its Atmega88. The blue topped ones has a smaller packaged Atmega88. As far as I remember, the even older gyros used a Atmega8. It can not be used.

The board has a ground plane. If it does not appear, use the RATSNEST button.
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