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Originally Posted by ben123 View Post

I've been learning Eagle and have drawn a schemetic for a small (38x31mm), single-cell, double layer, ISP pinned V4 board (modified from Thanh's work).

I've also laid out the board and connected everything (mainly for practice as it'll probably have to be all rerouted with the corrections). However please could someone check the connections, schematics, practicality of it before I go any further (buy the components, etch the board).

I've put replaced the large pots with the following ones for which I had to draw a component in Eagle :

I got quite confused about the connections so if someone could check it that would be awesome.

The 5v step schematic I have lifted from here :

As the power is derived from the single cell battery I've assumed the only connections needed to the motors from the controller board is the signal wire? Also the power for the rx comes straight from out of the step-up circuit, before the filter. Is this correct?

I've put the gyros on the back of the board as this seems to be how kapteinkuk and Thran had mounted their HK401 boards. I haven't designed the z-axis gyro board yet but it should be small with only the gyro and a cap on it.

The board is really untidy (names and values everywhere) as I haven't learnt how to resize and place them properly, but I just need things checking before I go any further.

There are 12 vias I'll have to drill and pin by hand but thats part of the fun I guess

Please be gentle
You can not use atmega8.
Else the schematic is OK.

The board: as long as you have control of the overlapping and clearance errors, it should be good.
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