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OK guys, for being the sky surfer mod thread, there sure aint a whole lotta moddin goin on!!!! I was going to wait until aj posted some pics of the universal motor mount installed into a sky surfer and I also was going to wait to post pictures of my mods until I had my sky surfer completely assembled, but I decided to get this thread jump started

I started with a SkyS ARF with the Banana hobbies brushless upgrade. I haven't heard anything bad about the supplied brushless motor, but just in case I decided to swap out motors, The universal motor mount will have to be installed. Since this is the most involved part of the build/modifications, I decided to start here.

The factory supplied brushless motor presents a problem as the mounting screws for either the factory mount (see photos that aj has posted a few pages back) or to attach the motor to the universal motor mount would be buried into the narcell (as Gene likes to call it) and you wouldn't be able to remove them unless you cut the front portion of the narcell off. I wanted to retain the factory look as much as posible so cutting the front part of the narcelle off was out of the question. Using the universal motor mount also presents a bit of a problem also as the outside diameter is quite large.

Just so everyone knows, The universal motor mount is a pvc 1" to 1 1/4" flange adapter that I purchased in the plumbing dept at home depot.

To make things easier I'm going to post some pictures with captions to show how I overcame the problems presented with using the stock brushles and the universal motor mount.
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