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Minima 6E, 6T Receivers & Optima Lite 6 Transceiver - Minimum Weight AFHSS RX

Originally Posted by Petricius View Post
Hello, I have Aurora 9 and I would like to have an indoor plane.
Unfortunately Optima 6 receiver has 15.31 grams, that it's too heavy.
And I think that it will be still heavy, after disassembling the plastic box. Does anybody run in
to this issue? Is there a solution or I have to wait until such micro Rx will be available?
If it will be available someday. Thanks
Minima 6E/6T Micro Receivers. ("E"nd and "T"op connectors as pictured below).
Were due March 2011, re-scheduled for June 2011.
These weigh 6g with the case and 4g without.
These are non telemetry RX but with full range.
There have been some question why this has dual antennas when the Optima can use only one BODA?
The simple answer is that they are two different animals. Any time you build something that is lightweight
you have to make sacrifices but Hitec were unwilling to sacrifice full range thus dual mini BODA's.

18 April 11:
Spectra Module V3.01 now available - update required for use with Minima RX.
Minima RX (non telemetry) can now be released and used with Spectra 2.4GHz modules which have been upgraded to V3.01.

Hitec AFHSS ID-Setup (Bind) Spectra Module V3.01(0), Optima Transceiver 6, 7 & 9ch V2.02(0) & Minima Receivers - quick reference.

New Manuals:
Spectra 2.4GHz Module Firmware Version 3.01 - manual
Hitec 2.4GHZ Receiver V3.0- manual


Optima 6 LITE "Introducing the Optima 6 LITE Transceiver.
. Battery Telemetry. included.
. Weight: 8.5g with BODA, 7g without.
. Available early Jan '11"- Mike"

.. Optima Lite SPC - note shape of SPC label matches shape of plug, if plug provided is removed,
orientate any connection correctly to avoid erroneous operation/damage to transceiver.
(pictures below show with and without plug inserted)

Minima 6T - Full range 2.4Ghz AFHSS 6ch Micro Receiver (Top Port).
This full range super slim receiver from Hitec has finally arrived.
For indoor and park fliers and based on our AFHSS tecnology, this micro receiver has a rock solid and
interference-free connection just like it's big brothers, Optima series transceivers.
- Dual M-BODA (Dual Mini Boosted Omni-Directional Antenna) Applied.
- Fail-safe & Hold Function.
- Wide operating Voltage : 4.8 < 8.4v (max 2S)
- Minima Do Not Brownout until the voltage gets below 2.6v.
.........(Unlike the Optima's with a 3.5v threshold)
- Dimensions: 31 x 20.8 x 7.1 mm (** Minimised by 58% for it's volume comparing to Optima 6.)
- Weight : 6.5g (** Lightened by 57% for its weight comparing to Optima 6)
- SPC & Bidirectional function (telemetry) not included as it was essential to minimise the size of this receiver.
...[B]Please note Spectra 2.4GHz Module must be upgraded to Version 3.0.
07 July 2011: Update
"Minima's just arrived yesterday and are shipping to the distributors this week.
They are completely different RX's than the Optima's.
They use two Mini BODA and while they did work fine with only one, we used two for maximum performance and full line of sight range.
No, there is no Data or SPC ports but the minimum operating voltage is 2.6v vs. 3.5 for the Optima's. - Mike. "

. Optima Transceiver Caseless Weights
Optima 6: 7- 8 g
Optima 7: 9 - 10 g
"lower weight is without the BODA. - Mike."

. Optima Transceivers - Conversion for Indoor and Park-Flyers pending release of Minima 2.4GHz series.
Hitec "Factory Pilot" Brandon Chitty uses the Optima 7 in his indoor competition aircraft (Fancy Foam Maxima)
that weighs 8oz, as well as his 170CC DA powered 42% Aeroworks Yak.

BODA Antenna Tip Wire (DIY Security for receivers manufactured pre Apr10.) & Spare BODA Holders #58474.

30 Jan 2012:
Hitec AFHSS, 2.4GHz Transceiver & Receivers - Alternative or Cheaper Clones?
- Negative to date. with reasons.

03 July 2012:
Minima 6L Lite announced.
- Dual Non-BODA antenna
- Fail safe / Hold function
- Wide Operating Voltage: 4.8~8.4 Volt
- Dimensions : 31.7 x 20.8 x 10.9mm
- Weight : 4g
Picture attached, ETA various areas from Dec12.
20Dec2012 -Minima 6L Lite in stock, new photo attached hereto.

29 Dec 2012: FLYRC magazine news 29Dec12:
. Minima 6L and Minima 6S Six Micro Rx - Specifications & Pictures.

Replacement 2.4GHz Antenna:
. Receiver - Antenna - Original lengths & DIY Replacements for PPM & 2.4Ghz Hitec, Futaba, GWS, JR & others.
Includes pictures of 2.4Ghz antenna U_FL Connector head & base which have a maximum removal/refit of 5 times.

ex Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky: Aurora A9, Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers, Minima Receivers
& Telemetry - FAQ & Undocumented Features

- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan Tong (Hitec NZ Rep)
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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