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Originally Posted by AndrewBurns View Post
I have all of the things needed and I'm very interested in getting this working

Is the ublox GPS recommended by Ardupilot better than the one included with remzibi? Could somebody make a revision to the remzibi firmware to allow it to use the ublox protocol.

Will there be a firmware revision in the future to provide an artificial horizon? If Ardupilot is feeding in data from the IMU the roll and pitch angles would be available to the OSD and I'd love an artificial horizon option.
The quality of the uBlox is much higher than the NMEA GPS that ships with Remzibi's OSD. It also has an external antenna which should be much better at getting and maintaining satellite comminucations in flight. But it costs another $90 for the GPS and $20 for the adapter

Better, yes, cheaper, no.

It also talks a different language (binary protocol) by default. You can turn on NMEA sentences to make it talk to the OSD, but that defeats the benefits of the much smaller and faster binary protocol.

I suspect by the time I finish step #5 of this writeup I'll do the uBlox to NMEA output conversion....
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