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Originally Posted by The Don View Post
For the record, the reason I bit bucketed the last thread was because a PM was posted which I feel was tacky but also because of the tone of the posts was getting rather nasty and then the thread was closed so felt it needed to just be canned. Not because I felt the topic was not to be discussed.

Paul, if you truly were using approach #1 but only talking like #2 then I apologize for interpreting your posts incorrectly.

Thanks Don. I really would have liked to get Cliff's help on the process. But that's not what he was offering in his posts.

So far, I've discussed the possibility of showing the guy from visitor services and the guy from the ranger department what I'm proposing. I've also sent them a list of the rules (for the most part) that Brunswick agreed to.

I came up with some arbitrary limitations in hopes of helping them say yes.

1) Electric planes, gliders and helis only
2) AUW of no more than 3 lbs
3) Minimum prop size of 7" on planes over 10oz
4) EDF's are not allowed

I realize these 4 are completely arbitrary, but the thought was 1) Elecitric only would be quieter than nitro/gas. 2) AUW under 3lbs would keep the planes on the "smaller" side and would be easy enough to check (requires scale). 3) The smaller the prop, the higher the Kv and the noise. The idea here being that the high speed Strykers and Zagis wouldn't meet this criteria. It only requires a ruler to measure. 4) EDF's - Too loud.

So at this point, the rangers have verified that electric R/C is not allowed. The visitors board has sent me back to the rangers. So now it's time to try and meet with them. I should be able to tell pretty quickly if they're with me or against me. When I met the guys from Brunswick they both admitted they were ready to say "no" on the phone. But now that they saw what I was talking about, they were both saying "yes."

I can't claim to know how this experience will turn out but this whole issue between the Metroparks and electric R/C could be a misconception or a misunderstanding.
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