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Finished up the Aileron Vapor this morning and just got back from our monthly indoor session. First, complete with battery the plane weighs just a tad less than 18g. That means including a 1.5g external servo and an AR6400 brick which weighs about 0.5g more than the Vapor brick, the plane gained just 3g total.

I have been having some trouble with the aileron servo binding in one direction at full deflection. I thought I had it solved, but it happened at our indoor session, once while flying. So, no rolls till I solve this linkage problem.

However, the plane loops nicely. And, the wings don't bend upwards like a banana at the bottom of a loop.

The big thing is the plane flies very nicely. With ailerons it banks into turns and turns sharply. Or, with rudder it can do nice flat turns. It still flies slow yet has so much more control over what it can do. And, most of all, my son can fly it no problem. He had a blast with it and flew two full batteries of flying.

No video. Sorry. And, we didn't get great pictures. These are when my son was flying it.

All in all I'm very happy with how this plane turned out.

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