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Originally Posted by HappyKillmore View Post
Wow, that's a lot of godd & difficult questions! Here's my first stab at answering them:
I would say "yes" with a "but." The default source code for ArduPilot more or less assumes you have signal. If you've got a RX that has failsafe settings, then you could go to the "RTL" (Return to Launch) setting on the mode input and have it return to home, however, from what I've heard from a friend of mine's experience, you're much better off not using a failsafe RX because any glitch in radio signal takes several seconds to recover. Which can be life or death for a FPV plane.
Hi HKM, excellent idea to create this thread.

I read and can't agree with the above.

IMHO , Using a rc rx with fail safe is a MUST in FPV, particularly when we want to activate the RTL feature of the Ap to bring our model closer in order to regain control over it again.

Of course, this is true with the help of coPilot (or the ardiIMU I think).

I've been there, the Ap save the day a multiple of times

I don't own the arduIMU but I'll keep an eye (or two) over this thread
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